Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson

Man in the Mirror- Michael Jackson

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I created this piece for a motown concert I was attending as an artist, vendor. It’s created from a book titled Man in the Mirror by Tim Hill. I really grew an appreciation for Micheal Jackson, his life and his work through the creation of this piece. I turned my Pandora station on to Michael Jackson and completed this piece within 20 hours.

All of the text talks about his life, his trials and triumphs. The colored pieces are taken from images from his costumes and stage effects. I am fascinated with the way his nose progressed over the years, and if you look closely you can find several images showing his nose changing throughout the years and even one of him as a young boy. The black in the upper left hand corner was taken from images from his funeral. I used the gradation to represent his beginning life progressing through to his death. What an amazing man with awe inspiring talent. I hope this piece honors him with the respect he deserves. Please look closely again and again and you’ll find something new each time.

The original measures at 16”x20” and racked up 20 hours until completion: created entirely out of cut paper

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  • LINEN PAPER PRINT W/ MAT: 8.5x11 with 11x14 mat

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