Carnivorous Ewoks

Carnivorous Ewoks

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When I was presented with a commission for a carnivorous Ewoks piece, I knew I had to do a little research.  I looked at my 1987 copy of The Star Wars Trilogy, and in Return of the Jedi I found the perfect quote for the foundation of this scene.  On page 413, Threepio says “I’m rather embarrassed, Captain Solo, but it appears you are to be the main course at a banquet in my honor.”  Each piece of paper I designed includes this quote and others comprising pages 405-415 of the Return of the Jedi novel, in the Star Wars Trilogy. 

This was a fun and very challenging to create.   It is my first work of art that I used entirely ripped paper, with the exception of an occasional Ewok nose or tooth.  The ripping brings out the texture of the fur and the trees better than having a clean line that scissors create.  This was quite a process and I often had to use tweezers to rip the tiny paper, but the overall details are surprisingly crisp using this style, while still maintaining a furry feel with all of the characters. The paper is composed as well with tree and nature patterns on it, to bring the design full circle into the environment where the scene takes place.

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