Marley II

Marley II

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After creating the first Bob Marley, I was commissioned to create a second. I decided to make this one a little more simple in the background. But as I was putting the paper on the face a friend of mine suggested instead of using plain white, I print something on it. I loved this idea, and added Bob Marley lyrics on the face in different fonts. This piece was made in the days where I used a glue stick for my work. Hey I didn’t know about professional mediums! But I love the glue stick because it gives it character and part of the hair lifts of of the page, and it is reflected beautifully with shadows visible in the print.

The Original measures at 16”x20”

You can purchase a quality print in various sizes and medium.

The watermark is for the creative protection of the Artist, and will not show up on your print.


  • 1 1/2 inch GALLERY WRAPPED CANVAS, ready to hang: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 24x36

  • GICLEE PAPER PRINT: 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 24x36

  • GICLEE PAPER PRINT WITH MAT*: 8x10 w/ 11x14 mat, 11x14 w/ 16x20 mat, 16x20 w/ 24x36 mat,


  • LINEN PAPER PRINT W/ MAT: 8.5x11 with 11x14 mat

  • DECAL: 3.5x5


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Side note:  Decals are available in the 3.5x5" size only.

Linen prints are available in the 8.5x11" only.

If you purchase a print with a mat your print will be the size indicated in the cart, and the mat will add additional inches. 

 For example: a "11x14 print with a mat"  will come with a 11x14" print in a 16x20" mat.